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How a Business uses Equiire? 

How It Works


Apply for a Credit Account

Application: Visit our website to begin your journey towards a healthier credit score. Our streamlined application process ensures ease and convenience.

Account Setup: Upon approval, we'll help you set up your Credit Builder Account, tailored to your preferences and financial capabilities.

Timely Payments: Make consistent, on-time payments as scheduled. Each payment contributes to improving your credit score.


Establish Business Credit

Structured Approach: Our Credit Builder Account is a structured way to enhance your credit score through consistent, responsible payments.

Positive Credit History: By making timely payments that Equiire reports months, you're actively contributing to a positive credit history that future lenders will consider.

Personalized Guidance: Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way, offering insights and support for your financial growth.


Unlock Savings

Equiire accounts arent just about payments – it's a strategic pathway to financial success. When you make timely payments, you're not only reinforcing your creditworthiness but also accumulating savings that will be your reward upon completion of the account.

As you diligently meet your commitments, you're setting aside savings that will be yours to access once you've successfully completed the account.


Bronze Level
Tier 1

Our Tier 1 product is tailored to provide you with the initial boost you need to transform your ideas into reality. Whether you're launching a new business venture, pursuing further education, or embarking on a personal project, our loan is designed to support your aspirations.


Gold Level
Tier 2

At Equiire, we recognize that your aspirations may have grown beyond the initial stages. Our Gold Tier is meticulously crafted to provide the substantial boost you need to expand your horizons.


Platinum Level
Tier 3

At Equiire, we understand that exceptional undertakings require substantial resources. Our Platinum Level has been carefully crafted to start you on the path to grow your business to new heights!

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